Our team

Kalim Ansari

Editor, Shaheen Weekly

Shaheen weekly editor is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the newspaper's production, including assigning and editing articles, coordinating layout and design, and managing deadlines. They also ensure that the newspaper's content is accurate, balanced, and in line with the publication's editorial policies. In addition, the editor must stay up to date with current events and trends to ensure the newspaper remains relevant and interesting to readers. They may also handle reader inquiries and complaints and work with the advertising team to generate revenue. Overall, the editor plays a critical role in ensuring the newspaper's success and maintaining its reputation within the community.

Rashid Hussain Shaikh

Manager, Shaheen Weekly

Shaheen weekly manager is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the newspaper's operations. This includes managing a team of journalists and reporters, assigning stories, and ensuring that deadlines are met. The manager also plays a key role in maintaining the newspaper's editorial standards and ensuring that content is accurate and engaging. Additionally, the manager is responsible for managing the newspaper's budget and resources, as well as coordinating with advertising and sales teams to generate revenue. Overall, the manager's main responsibility is to ensure the smooth functioning of the newspaper and deliver high-quality content to its readers on a weekly basis.

Juned Rajput

Clerk, Shaheen weekly

Sohil Shaikh

Designer, Shaheen Weekly

Gulam Ali Munshi

Marketing Executive

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